Wall Mount Type Ventilating Fan

Wall Mount Type
Ventilating Fan

These fans are installed in the ceiling connected with ductwork, by which indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall. Since they are mainly mounted inside the ceiling, the interior is not damaged. Various types are available for different needs. Super Quiet type offers a quiet and comfortable environment to you; Stainless Steel type is suitable for high humidity places.

New Features for Bathroom Series

A Solution for whole house ventilation and spot ventilation

Compact & Stylish

Compact size with powerfil exhaust capacity can fit most bathrooms up to 7.5m3 and 15m3 respectively Moreover, the slim and elegant designs of the front louver match any modern decor perfectly.

All Accessories Included

The Moisture & Smell Exhauster includes all required accessories in the packaging. It provides you the most convenience for product purchase, and also saves your time for seeking available accessories in the market.

Easy Installation

The Exhauster is well-designed to facilitate the installation of product. With the supplied accessories, only few steps are required to complete the set up of fan.

Back Draft Shutter

Outside wind may flow inside the house through the duct when the fan is not operating. The back draft shutter covers the duct hole when the fan is not in use that blocks the ingress of wing and water.

FV-10EGS1 / FV-15EGS1

FV-10EGS1 : ₹2520/-(incl. of all taxes)
FV-15EGS1 : ₹2780/-(incl. of all taxes)
Bathroom Series
  • Shutter Series (for Vertical Shaft)
  • Powerful exhaust of moisture and smell
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Back draft shutter
  • All accessories are included for installation convenience
  • Easy Installation



Model No. Color voltage
R.P.M[min] Air Volume
Noise(dBA) Weight(kg)
White 230v
5.9 2720 75 35 0.9
White 6.6 2369 155 37 1.1

General Features

Below are some of the major features of Panasonic Wall Mount Ventilating Fan

Advanced Blade Design

New blade design applies advanced aerodynamic principle that minimizes any obstacles against the airflow.

New HP Motor & Bearing

Compared with previous models, new models adopt high performance condenser motor and long life bearing that prolong the product durability, form average 30,000 hours life time to 60,000 hours. They also enable energy saving by reducing power concemption down to average 13%.