Intelligent, automatic and reliable are the three words that define the circuit breaker range from Havells. A fundamental in every circuitry, circuit breakers play an essential role in safeguarding you and your home from any mishaps due to over current, overload or short circuit. Choose from a range of miniature circuit breakers, high rating MCBs, mini MCB isolators, isolator switching devices and indicator lights and armor yourself. Switchgear covers a range of devices that involve protection of your appliances. They are used to control, master and regulate the electrical power systems. The fuses, switches, circuit breakers etc. work on the same principle. These devices are equipped for de-energizing the circuits allowing them to work easily and prevent faults. This in turn helps in preventing the entire circuitry from going haywire. Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in India and the Havells products ensure that your appliances are not damaged during this period. Isolator switches, indicators, MCBs and other switching devices can be easily used in any kind of circuits and serve the purpose well. With these devices in place, there is no reason to worry. Choose from a range of the best electrical products from Havells online and safeguard yourself & your appliances well in advance before any mishap.

Havells Ceiling Fans - premium underlight

Indicator light

A new addition to the Havells product range that can be used in both building and industrial installations. Indicator lights are designed for signaling incoming supply.

Havells Ceiling Fans - decorative

Higher Rating MCB

Automatic switching off, of the electrical circuit in abnormal or faulty conditions with Havells higher rating MCBs (80-125A) protects you from any dangers of over load & short circuits.

Havells Ceiling Fans - special finish

Special finish

Add a touch of grace to your beautiful walls with Havells range of Special Finish fans that complement your interiors.

Havells Ceiling Fans - energy saving

Miniature Circuit Breaker

Protect your electrical circuits from the damage of over current, overload or a short circuit and live safe with Havells circuit breakers.

Havells Ceiling Fans - regular

Mini Mcb Isolator

Mini MCB is designed with unique mounting concept to use in domestic & commercial downstream circuit (switchboards/DESB) for overload & short circuit protection.

Havells Ceiling Fans - regular

Isolator Switching Device

Protection is our first priority and that is what our isolator switches offer. Isolate the circuit as and when required for a safe and effective function.